Twin Calves Ranch

Twin Calves Ranch is located on the rolling hills of the Palouse in Cheney, WA. We are committed to providing locally raised, nutrient rich and delicious tasting beef! Our cows are born and raised on the ranch, graze the ranch’s alfalfa/grass pastures and enjoy plenty of clean air, fresh water and Eastern Washington sunshine! We grow our own hay and finish our beef with locally grown cracked corn and ground barley. Our animals receive NO growth hormones of any kind. The ranch employs rotational grazing to ensure the soil receives it’s organic matter from the most nutrient rich source, the cows. This practice keeps our fields healthy and productive, prevents overgrazing, aids in weed control and provides an excellent source of forage for our animals.
pin14805 S Betz Rd, Betz, WA 509-263-6381
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