Last updated 1/21/2022

LiveLocalINW.com is an online marketing tool created to help promote local independent businesses and their products and services.  We want to ensure a smooth and positive experience for buyers and sellers on this site. Please read on to find out what is expected of you, as a seller.

By submitting items for sale on LiveLocalINW.com, you are confirming that you have a valid business license in Washington and all requisite municipalities and agree to the following terms and policies:

  1. As the seller, you are responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted to LiveLocalINW.com, including but not limited to: photos, availability, quality, price, shipping costs and seller contact information.
  2. As the seller, you agree to communicate directly with customers and to handle all aspects of each sales transaction after a customer purchases an item, either directly from your site or through PayPal or other payment platform.
    •  For businesses with an existing online sales platform, all you need to provide is a url for each product being sold that will direct users to your existing online store page for purchase of the selected item.
    • For businesses without an existing online sales platform, you will be provided instructions for using PayPal to manage customer purchases. Alternatively, you can have customers contact you via email or telephone to finalize purchases and process payments offline.
    • Live Local INW is not charging sellers any fees to use or be included on the website. All transactions will occur directly between sellers and customers.
  3. The promotion of cannabis products is prohibited on LiveLocalinw.com. However, cannabis retailers may offer branded non-cannabis merchandise for sale.
  4. The promotion of alcohol is allowed only if:
    • The transaction is finalized on your website, directly between you and the buyer
    • You agree to abide by all current state and local regulations in regards to selling alcohol
    • You agree to always check the ID of the buyer
  5. If sellers use photographs of merchandise in listings with multiple options based on a variety of inventory (like color, size, etc.), ensure that the merchandise descriptions are clear that the photos shown are simply examples of available stock.
  6. Sellers are obligated to complete transactions with buyers and ship purchased items in a prompt manner. If orders cannot be fulfilled in a reasonable amount of time, the merchandise descriptions must so state. Ideally, buyers will receive their items within a week (seven days) of the date of purchase.
  7. All communications between buyers and sellers about merchandise, sales, questions or other issues are solely the responsibility of the sellers.  Live Local INW will not become involved in any sales transactions, communicate directly with a seller’s customers, or collect or share any information submitted to buyers or sellers via the website.
  8. Returns and refunds are handled directly by and between sellers and customers. Live Local INW has no access to transactions completed through PayPal or any other online sales platform that sellers may choose to use for their products.
  9. Through your participation in the Live Local INW campaign you agree to abide by public health guidance and best practices to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community.