Sub-Division is Spokane's oldest submarine sandwich shop! Opened in July, 1984 and still locally owned. We at Sub-Division believe that when words like "fresh" and "gourmet" are used to describe your product, then they should REALLY be just that. We fresh slice the cheese and meats only after you have ordered your meal. We use the real avocado fruit for our sandwiches, no mashed or smashed package product. We don't go catch the tuna for your tuna sandwich, but we do open a can just for you. The bread is fresh baked everyday by a local bakery. They know bread, we know sandwiches. (Stick to what you know and are best at.) We support local businesses and people, because that's who supports us. " Support local, thrive local." On that note: One can not find a better product for a better price in Spokane. Fast does not mean fresh!!! Fresh is fresh. No gimmicks,no tricks, no singing mice, or talking kittens!!! Start here, start now. Start a revolution; for your taste buds, and your wallet. Feed the revolution. Sub-Division.
pin1418 N Division St, Spokane, WA 99202(509) 328-6727
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