Bangkok Thai

Thank you for visiting Bangkok Thai, Spokane’s number one choice for gourmet Thai cuisine at two locations in Spokane. Our south hill location is nestled on the corner of 14th and Grand Blvd, in Spokane’s South Hill Manito Park area. Our Riverwalk location is in the heart of the University District right along the river close to the corner of Trent & Hamilton, at 1003 East Trent. Live in the Valley? Our newest Spokane Valley location is conveniently located at 101 N Argonne Rd Ste # E, just before Sprague street coming South off the freeway. Walking into our restaurants is like walking into another world, stepping right off the plane into the heart of Bangkok. The ambiance is romantic and warm, with soft Thai background music for you to enjoy while you are served a romantic dinner, served by our Thai staff. The walls of our restaurant are adorned with sculptures and solid sandstone statuary that has been meticulously handpicked and shipped directly from Thailand. We are open every day for lunch and dinner, and are the only Thai restaurant in all of Spokane that offers Delivery Service. Each entrée can be fine tuned to your preferred palette on our special spice scale of 0 to 5 (with 5 being the spiciest). Whether you prefer your food hot & spicy or mild yet flavorful, we can suit any entrée to your desires.
pin1325 S Grand Blvd, Spokane, WA 99202(509) 868-7755
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