Let's Thrive

Vision of let’s thrive: to cultivate a sense of purpose and belonging in the world Mission of let’s thrive: to promote educational, cultural, and opportunity empowerment towards present and future success among youth Purpose of let's thrive: let’s thrive will be an impetus for an educational, social-emotional, and socio-cultural paradigm shift for historically marginalized groups through experiences, programming, resources, and information and opportunity readiness via hope, resilience, and a sense of focus for marginalized youth Let’s thrive promotes: • literacy and creative expression • facilitation of educational workshops, seminars, and forums for youth • influencing culturally responsive awareness and relevance in educational institutions and community organizations through trainings, resources, and materials • building positive community and family relationships, cultural awareness, identity awareness, and effective social-emotional strategies • educational empowerment and opportunity readiness via hope and resilience, and a sense of focus towards present and future success among youth
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