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The experts at Carpet Cleaning Spokane company bring years of experience to the task of servicing the residential and commercial carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery needs of Spokane WA and its surrounding communities. Discover the value of working with a carpet cleaning company that handles every job in a timely manner, provides outstanding customer service, and guarantees your satisfaction. Vacuum More Often Carpet is a great air filter. Dust and dirt will naturally be caught in the fibers of carpet. Regular vacuuming will remove a lot of this dirt. A lot of this dirt will fall through the carpet and not come back up. Have you ever noticed how you do not get the Dust bunnies floating around on a carpeted floor but you will get dust bunnies forming after just a day or two if you have hard surface floors. The carpet absorbs dust and if you do not vacuum regularly it will end up in the carpet. What is most important factor in your Carpet Cleaning? 5 parts of cleaning a carpet. Chemicals, dwell time, agitation, heat, The Technician. In my opinion if the equipment if functioning properly and the technician is knowledgeable on how to work his equipment the most important factor in getting your carpet clean is the Technician. 20% of dirt is Sticky Several studies have shown that around 20% of the dirt in most carpets is sticky and will attach to the carpet making it look dirty. The other 80% is dry and will easily come up by vacuuming if it is still on top of the carpet. If the dry dirt has dropped to the bottom of the carpet you will not get it out of the carpet without removing the carpet and using a Rug Badger or similar tool. You cannot get enough airflow and suck to get dirt from the bottom of the carpet back up through the top layer. What carpet cleaners are cleaning is the 20% of the sticky dirt that sticks to the fibers and changes the color of the carpet.
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